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best online casinos NZ

Best Online Casinos in New Zealand. Top NZ Casino Sites 2022

Top 10 NZ Online Casinos

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1. FastPay Casino
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2. National Casino
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3. Kosmonaut Casino
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4. WildTornado
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5. LeoVegas
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6. Royal Panda
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7. BetSofa
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8. Conquestador
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9. 1XBET
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Online casinos in New Zealand are a great way for you to have some fun and play a few of your favorite casino games, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. There are so many great online casinos available for those who live in New Zealand that offer real money and prizes to those who are ready to play. 

When you first get started, understanding how to find the best online casino in New Zealand and what the rules are for online gambling in this country can be confusing. We are going to take a look at not only which casinos are the best for online gambling in New Zealand, but also a look at what the online gambling rules are here, how to pick a good online casino, and some of the best games that you can enjoy online! Let’s get started!

Top New Zealand Casinos List

When you are ready to find the best online casinos to enjoy in New Zealand, there are a ton of great choices out there. Some offer big paydays, others will offer some new and unique games, and others offer a good community that you already know. No matter what you are looking for, you are certain to find everything you need and more with one of the top New Zealand casinos on the list below:

  1. Casino X: This is one of the renowned online casinos based in the European Union. They offer up to NZ$1000 welcome bonus and 200 free spins to new members and while their 3200 games may be a little less than some of the others on our list, there are still plenty to enjoy!
  2. JoyCasino: There are a ton of games available on JoyCasino. With more than 3000 games to choose from online, you can find the one that is just right for you. This online casino is known for its great VIP program and a potential 200 free spins to prolong the fun!
  3. Casinonic: For those who wish to play their online casino on a phone or mobile device, Casinonic is a great choice. Some of the other options work on mobile devices, but none give the ease of use that you can find here. Add in over 2000+ online games and a potential NZ$5000 welcome bonus and this is an online casino to try in New Zealand.
  4. JackpotCity: The first online casino on our list comes from JackpotCity. They offer one of the biggest welcome bonuses of $1600 for new customers and have more than 450 games available. There is a lot to enjoy when you choose this option and many beginners like to start here!
  5. Koala Royal Casino: Is known for their premium games. They may not have as many as some of the others, but over 2000 online slot games is nothing to sneeze at either. The payout is really secure and new customers can earn up to NZ$3000 as a welcome bonus.
  6. Golden Reels Casino: This has one of the most available games on our list. With more than 1000 games to choose from, 100 bonus spins and up to $2500, this is a great international casino to try out.
  7. Wildz Casino: This is a great site to use if you need an excellent progressive jackpot to help keep you moving and earning more money. They provide more than 1200+ games to choose from so you know you are getting some of the very best each time. They also offer a NZ$500 + 200 Free Spins welcome package to new customers.
  8. Wheelz Casino: This is a worldwide casino brand so you know you will be in good hands when you choose them. Their game offerings are a little bit low for how big they are, but with 1300 games and growing, you are sure to find the exact game you would like to play, along with a few new options. Enjoy the potential NZ$300 + 100FS welcome bonus as a new customer if you are just looking to get started.
  9. Caxino: If your goal is to find as many games as possible, then Caxino is one of the best options out there. They provide over 1200 games to every customer, making it easy to try your hand at something new. As you may imagine, they are known for their top-tier game variety that is a lot of fun, along with a potential NZ$200 (100%) welcome bonus and 100 free spins!

These are just a few of the great online casino options that are available in New Zealand. All of the options are offshore companies that can be found online from anywhere in the world. This allows citizens of New Zealand a chance to play some games and win big, without having to use companies that are directly within the country. 

Online Gambling Rules in New Zealand

New Zealand has some interesting rules about gambling of all kind, but especially when it comes to online gambling. This can make it confusing for those who are interested in online casinos, but are not sure whether they are allowed to do so or not. 

According to current online gambling laws in New Zealand, no online casinos are allowed to be operated within the territory of the country. This may make it seem like the idea of online gambling is gone and you will be overstepping the law to find an online casino. But there is a loophole that allows many citizens of New Zealand to enjoy the best New Zealand online casinos, without going against the law!

While no online casinos can operate in New Zealand, those who are of the legal age are allowed to access online casinos that are based in other countries and can play the games or gamble as they wish. This has really made some changes in the gambling landscape of this country. Many people have done their research and found the best online casinos that they can play from home in New Zealand.

There are many great options out there when choosing the casino game you would like to play. Some of the top that should make it on your list include:

  • Roulette
  • Video poker
  • Craps
  • Online slots including free and real money games
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat

No matter what kind of game you want to play, the top New Zealand casinos will have a lot of these available and more. You can choose an online casino that offers the game you are interested in, or find one with many games and give several of them a try. 

Top New Zealand Casino Ratings

When choosing an online casino to use, it is important to pick one that has a good rating. All online casinos are rated based on six features that are important to your enjoyment while gambling online. These include:

  • The overall rating the casino receives. 
  • How many players are registered and active on the site. 
  • A summary of all the reviews from the players. 
  • How easy it is to use the Casino App
  • How easy the website is to use and its design. 
  • How much security is present. No one wants to visit an online casino in New Zealand that has problems with security. 
  • The diversity of all the games offered. 
  • How safe the transactions are and how quickly pay-outs occur. 

There are reputable agencies around the world that will review the best New Zealand casinos and come up with an updated list of some of the best and most successful casinos. This helps consumers know which ones will be the best for them to spend some time on and is how we came up with our list too!

Pick the Most Reliable Online Casino in New Zealand

Here is a list of best online casinos for NZ players:

  1. Kosmonaut Casino – Top rated by NZ players;
  2. Wildtornado – Great welcome bonuses;
  3. National Casino – The largest amount of cash bonus for the first deposit;
  4. BetSofa – Perfect site for mobile gaming! Play on the go;
  5. 20bet – Best booking website for NZ residents.

Before you jump in and start using the best online casinos in New Zealand, it is important to know which ones are considered the most reliable. Each online casino will offer different options based on what they bring to the table for their customers. Some of the tips to help you pick the top online casino for your preferred game includes:

  • Limits availability: Look for one that has a limit on daily withdrawals for each player so no one will take too much of the pot. 
  • How original the website environment is. You want something that is comfortable to use, attractive, and allows you to customize a little. 
  • Speed of pay-out. No one wants to win and then find out they can’t get their payments for a month or more. Check to see how quickly the payouts are given. 
  • Flexibility: minimum top-up amount and a diversity of methods to top-up personal balance. 
  • Compatibility for the App: When choosing the top online casino,  you need to make sure it will work on your technology. Whether you want to use a tablet or a smartphone or even your computer, check to see which gadgets and operating system the app works with. 
  • Available languages: It is frustrating to start with an online casino and find they only work in one language and it is not one you can speak. Most of the best online casinos in New Zealand will support the main languages of the world to make it easy. 
  • Game selection: The online casino platform should offer a wide variety of games for more fun. 
  • Bonus system: Some platforms have bonus systems for each level and special presents for birthdays and holidays. 
  • Tournaments: If you are interested in tournaments, it is a good idea to see how frequently these are help for your chosen platform. 

A little bit of research can go a long way when it comes to picking the right online casino in New Zealand. It can cut out the frustration and will make sure that you get the exact games you need, easy payouts, and all the fun features you desire. 

Our Selection Criteria

We are always striving to find the best real money casino sites for you. Some of our criteria includes limits availability, which is the daily withdrawal limit. We also look for a positive website environment. We search for fast payout speeds, and an overall reliability of the platform. It is important to have a large game selection so you never get bored and always have thousands of options. A good diverse bonus system is necessary to keep you satisfied with your choice of website. It is also important to have frequent tournaments. We also search for sites that are compatible with desktop and mobile platforms.

In addition, we look at the overall rating of the casino, the number of players, the reviews that players give, if there is an app, the website layout, the level of security to protect players’ personal data, and the safety of monetary transactions.

Things to check before playing at an online casino

  1. The existence of an operating permit.

    If the operator is officially certified to run a gambling business, the gambling establishment is guaranteed to be on the list of the best.

  2. The slot machines are ranked as safe.

    This applies not only to emulators, but also to other virtual content. The video slots tested by eCOGRA operate on AGSH. Thus, the users are guaranteed fair play, as the project owners cannot tweak the RTP in their favour.

  3. An extensive bonus program.

    The presence of welcome gifts, individual bonuses and a loyalty system is a must. The presence of permanent Cashback and Birthday Gift promotions is a plus.

  4. The systems for depositing/withdrawing funds.

    The size of the minimum deposit and the number of services for transactions directly affect the club’s position in the list. For beginners, planning to play for real money, there are casinos with the minimum deposit size of 100 rubles in the online ranking.

  5. Reviews.

    The opinions of registered clients with a detailed description of strategies for playing the slots, the responsiveness of the technical support staff, etc. are taken into account.

NZ Casinos FAQ’s

Interested in getting started with online casinos in New Zealand but have some questions? Here are some of the frequently asked questions, along with their answers, that you may have to help you decide if this is the right new adventure for you!

Yes. The best online casinos in New Zealand do give out real money to winners. They operate with the house edge, with is a theoretical advantage that goes to the house based on probability. Each bet will be determined through a random number generator, which allows each bet to be determined randomly. Variance is great in the short term, so it is possible for everyone to win real money at these casinos.

All online casino games are games of chance. This means that you always have some chance of winning when you play. However, for the best chance at winning, video poker and blackjack take the lead. They have a lower house edge compared to some of the other options. If thousands of players win, the casino will collect some winnings. But the margin for this is so small that most individual players have a 50/50 chance of winning on those games.

However, you do have the potential to win, no matter which game you choose to play. Pick a game that you are most familiar with and enjoy playing and then have some fun along the way!

There are no current laws in New Zealand that govern online casinos. Citizens of New Zealand are not allowed to do remote gambling or place bets in establishments that are within the country. But they are free to place bets in offshore online casinos without having gone against the law. And with many great online casino options, many citizens are enjoying the freedom to play some games, win some money, and have some fun.

Most online casinos offer quick withdrawal processes for their customers. The money will usually make it back to you within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the bank you use and what policies they have in place. Using a bank transfer can cut out the third-party options, but may take up to seven days to get the money to you. It is best to use another option. Some popular options available in New Zealand to withdraw from online casinos include:

  • Neteller
  • Poli Payment NX
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Skrill

These can often get the money to you a little faster, within a day or two. Keep in mind they do often have a few attached for doing this, up to 3% of the balance that you would like to transfer. But the money will reach you faster.

No experience is necessary to get started with online casinos and the games they offer. You will need an account and a credit card to pay to play. And having at least basic knowledge of how any game you want to play works can make this a little easier. Most online casinos have different categories available based on your experience with each game so even beginners can have a chance to have some fun. If you do know how to play a game, that simply increases your chances of winning!

Online casinos want to operate in a safe manner so their customers will continue to come back. They often employ strong security measures to make sure that personal information will not be stolen or used against the individual. When you enter your credit card information, encryption is used to scramble the data and make it hard for anyone to steal it.

You do need to use your own responsibility to ensure safety with online casinos. Only pick options that have a good reputation and good security protocols in place. Check with the website to see if there is any sign of concern with that. Never give out your personal or account information while playing these online games either.

Most of the major online casino games are set up to work on most major devices out there. This opens them up for more potential customers. They often work with smartphones, tablets and computers and many work with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. Always double check this before you jump in though. While most major online casinos work well with many devices, check to make sure that it will work with your device.

Online casinos can be a great way to have some fun and even win some money from the comfort of your own home. There are many international online gambling companies available that the people of New Zealand can enjoy. Check out some of the best options that made it on our list and follow our tips to make sure you pick the one that is safe and fun for you!

The best way to know a website is safe is to see if it is licensed and certified. Blacklisted websites should be avoided.

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